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Five Deep Breaths Please...

Panic is often the reaction of otherwise calm, collected parents when a child is sent home from school or camp with head lice or nits. It is estimated that at least 12 million people experience lice infestations every year in the United States alone. Some estimates are double that since so many people are embarrassed to report their cases. They don't realize how common it is to have it, and they don't know that clean hair tends to be more attractive to the bugs. Getting professional help with head lice and nit removal along with the right information makes all the difference in conquering the fear and the problem of head lice.  Remember, head lice only spread through direct contact, crawling from head to head or garment to head.  But head lice don't jump, fly and they can't survive more than 48 hours without a human host.  Having head lice is most definitely an unpleasant nuisance, but it's far easier to contain than other parasites such as bed bugs without totally turning your life upside-down.  And it's important to remember that head lice don't actually cause disease, but left untreated, they may cause secondary infections because of excessive scratching and sores at the sites of the bites.  Let's face it, itching, scratching rashes aren't necessarily dangerous, but they do become high-level nuisances.
Why Lice Out New York Is Different
There are never harsh chemicals or pesticides used because they're unnecessary as well as dangerous.

There are never any specialized products to buy because they're unnecessary and expensive. Shampoos and sprays with ingredients like olive oil, tea tree oil rosemary may be helpful as but are doubtful as lethal to nit infestation.

There are never any misleading claims about gadgets, machines, and new technology which aren't actually effective in most cases.
  There are no expensive follow-up treatments as required by many services since one expert, professional treatment by a specialist is all that's needed in most cases to rid a head of lice infestation. If a follow-up is needed, depending upon the circumstances, it will either be included or done for a modest fee.

  There is no waiting period to do repeated home treatments which is always part of any self-treatment at-home process.

  There are no hourly rates that are so often designed to run fees way up.  And any service that claims to keep fees low by doing quick, dry-hair checks is doing you a than a service.  It's extremely common for those checks to miss nits and bugs -- the nits are hard to see, the bugs make a run for it!
The Truth: Not All Head Lice Treatments Are Created Equally
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As a health-conscious New York parent, the thought of putting pesticides on your kid's head may be even more disturbing than itself.  Studies have shown that repeated exposure to pesticides and other chemicals may have side effects or cause adverse reactions in certain people.  Pregnant and nursing allergies and/or sensitive skin seem to be at greatest risk for problems which are related to these treatments. The risks of using a pesticide-based treatment for head lice may be both long-term and short-term.  And there are hazards as well.  Pesticides are washed into the so they eventually make their way to groundwater.
In addition to being toxic, these pesticides have lost some of their effectiveness over time as many strains of head lice have become resistant.  So all home treatments (whether pesticidal, herbal or folk remedy) are a gamble in more ways than one.  Success is definitely a long shot.  You have to wait an entire week to do a second treatment because the first one isn't capable of killing head lice nits (eggs) at all.  In fact, there are no products that can kill both adult head lice and nits at the same time.  So getting fast, one-time lice removal treatment free of potentially harmful ingredients a highly empowering alternative and the most sensible, safe, reliable way to get the job done. A professional removal who has expert combing methods is worth more than any product on the market, especially when cases are persistent or severe.
Commonly Used Pesticides and Risk Factors in OTC and Prescription Head Lice Treatments (prescription treatments are often even more toxic than their drugstore cousins)
Avoid pestides in treatment of head lice. House calls in Manhattan, NYC.Malathion
While shown to be only partially effective, this pesticide is converted to which has a higher toxicity than malathion itself.  It is a possible carcinogen and may cause hormonal abnormalities.  Found in prescription Ovide lotion home treatment and must be left on the head for up to 12 hours.
Don't be fooled by the claim that this pesticide is safe because it's naturally derived from chrysanthemums.  While it is natural, it's often used in combination with the highly toxic butoxide (PBO) because that boosts the potency of the pyrethrum.  Other words to watch out for...pyrethrins and as these are two of the compounds of pyrethrum.
A very common ingredient in head lice treatment formulas, it is believed to be a human carcinogen and is also highly toxic to cats.  Excessive exposure may cause headaches, muscle weakness, shortness of breath and seizures.  Found in Nix and Rid, the most well-known drugstore treatments.
While this toxin has been banned in the USA for use with animals, it continues to be available for humans in the prescription medication Kwell.  Associated with many health risks, some even life-threatening, and it absorbs into bodily tissues.  Effects the nervous system, liver and kidneys and may also be a carcinogen.  It has been restricted and/or banned in many countries.
butoxide (PBO)
When mixed together with other pesticides found in lice treatment formulas, PBO boosts the toxicity level which in turn increases the health risks. It has serious carcinogenic potential and may cause birth defects.  There are also reports of fatigue, coma, and cardiorespiratory disorders in severe cases.  PBO is a primary ingredient in Rid.

Serving Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Tribeca, Midtown West, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Lower East Side, Chinatown, Soho, Washington Heights, Inwood.
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