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To Stay or Not to Stay: The Controversial No Nit Policy
Head Lice...The Unwanted Sleep-over Guests
Checking Is The Best Prevention


Checking at home for lice and nits
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To Stay or Not to Stay: The Controversial No Nit Policy

TheNo Nitpolicy, which is practiced in some schools but not others, is about excluding children from school if they're found to have nits, and not readmitting them until they are declared nit-free. There are many problems and much confusion associated with this policy, and advocates for each side make a compelling case.
Children with nits may not be in school (the "pro" side):
When a school nurse, parent, professional checker or pediatrician does a quick, dry check, and proclaims a child to have just live bugs but no nits, or just nits but no bugs, it's so very frequently not the true case.

Head Lice...The Unwanted Sleep-over Guests

When kids have sleep-overs there's lots of fun to be had.  But quite often, there's something not so fun to be had (besides sleep deprivation!), and that would be head lice.  The best precautionary measure you can take is to send them off with their own sleeping bags and pillows.  It's a little thing that goes a long way in prevention.

Checking Is The Best Prevention

use a comb for prevention and to clean out lice and nits It's great prevention to check your children's heads for live bugs and nits once a week.  Look for nits which will be attached to the hair shaft very close to the scalp.  They're very tiny, beige in color, and most of all stuck to the hair shaft.  If the specks blow or flick away pretty easily, it's probably dandruff or lint.  Live bugs can be harder to see.  Even though they're much bigger than nits, the run fast and hide from light or searching fingers and combs. 
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