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After You've Been Treated, You Need To...
Removing nits and head lice in one treatment. All natural, pesticide free. House calls in Manhattan, New York, NYC
• Stop sharing! Get every family member and babysitter checked for head lice and nits and have them immediately treated if necessary. This is strongly recommended!  If you neglect this step, it's more than likely that re-infestation will occur and you'll end up back where you started.
•  Wash bedding, robes, towels in HOT soapy water and dry them on the hottest setting for at least 30 minutes.  Same goes for backpacks, shoulder bags, coats, jackets, hats, scarves, shirts, tops sweaters if they've been recently used or worn.  Bag up whatever can't be washed in
zip- plastic for two weeks.
•  Soak combs, brushes and hair accessories in boiling water if possible or use alcohol. It's best to just buy new ones and bag up the old ones for two weeks.
Head lice treatment house calls in Manhattan, New York City. No pesticides.•  Vacuum carpeting, rugs upholstery.  Don't forget car upholstery and seats, booster seats and office chairs.
•  Take a damp rag and wipe off leather, vinyl and wood furniture -- anyplace where people relax and heads tend to rest.
•  Flip mattresses in cases where lice infestation has been severe or persistent.
•  Don't forget to wipe off phones, headphones and safety helmets.
•  Wash toys and dolls that are soft or stuffed.  Don't forget dress-up costumes.  And whatever can't be washed gets bagged up in plastic for two weeks.

Head lice treatment house calls in Manhattan is a service everyone should shareAnd now...
Spread the Word, Not The Lice! 
It happens all the time.  People find out that their kids have head lice and make the mistake of keeping the news to themselves.  What everyone needs to realize is that a case of head lice is everyone's business and silence only ensures a persistent problem in the community.  There's no reason to feel ashamed.  Lice strike randomly and totally without prejudice. They don't care who you are, where you live, how you keep your house, or even how frequently your kids bathe.  In fact, lice may actually prefer clean hair since less grease provides them with strands that are clingier.  So contact family, friends, babysitters, teachers and school nurses to share the news about lice infestation.  It's just as important as washing the sheets.
Sometimes Sharing Is Not A Good Thing
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Everyone says they don't do it, but so often they do!  Nobody should ever share an item that comes in contact or close proximity of the head.  That includes brushes, combs, hair accessories, scarves, hats, cell phones, headphones, backpacks, safety helmets sports helmets.  It really does matter in the battle to keep head lice from spreading.
Some Tips For Head Lice Prevention
                 •  Always send kids to sleepovers with their own pillows and sleeping bags.
Herbal treatments and pesticide shampoos often don't work on head lice and nitsPonytails and buns are great lice enders and tips for prevention•  Check heads once a week for nits. You may be able to see them attached close to the scalp.
•  Wear long hair up or in braids and ponytails.
•  Use herbal sprays that may have repellent properties. Rosemary, tea tree oil, olive oil and lavender are popular ingredients.

Serving Manhattan: Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, Washington Heights, Inwood, Chelsea, Midtown West, Tribeca, East Village, Chinatown, Soho
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