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Professional head lice removal treatment without pesticides in Manhattan, New York, NYC. House calls, flat fees.When I got the call from the school nurse, I went immediately into a panic.  Lice Out New York came to my home just a few hours later.  It was late, my kids are young, and the house call was a HUGE relief. All three kids had it, but we were miraculously lice-free by bedtime. If we ever face this again, maybe I'll skip the panicking.
Jackie G., Upper West Side
My son was sent home from camp with a "mild case" of lice, just a few nits.  I had no idea what to do so I went to the drugstore and bought RID even though I was queasy about the pesticides. The next day he was sent home again, I knew we needed help.  Yeah...mild...It turned out he had a bunch of live bugs (I asked her to stop showing me after the first five) and over 100 nits.  Paula got rid of it all, now weeks later there's no sign of anything. She explained what we needed to do ourselves, and in a way, can't believe I'm saying this, it was a big pain, but not as bad as I thought. 
Elizabeth F., UWS
I used to worry about head lice all the time until I decided to worry about bedbugs instead.  Guess that's why I was totally suprised and freaked out when my daughter got sent hom from school. She hadn't even been itching.  I almost can't find the words to say how much we appreciated Paula's hard work.  She was sympathetic, thorough, she even had my kids laughing while she was combing out their hair. I'd use her service again in a heartbeat, but I sure hope we won't need to! 
Amanda M., Morningside Heights
Never thought it would happen to me, I was totally grossed out.  Paula gave me an appointment just two hours after I called and worked on my family until everyone was done that night. Can't recommend her highly enough.  Great at her job and a nice person to have around too.
Helen T., Battery Park
My 5-year-old son has ADHD and very bad sensory issues.  Having to sit for more than a few minutes can be a nightmare and he hates having his head touched, even by me.  I never saw him sit that long for anyone or anything, except maybe for his favorite video.  Don't know how she did it, but Paula made him feel calm and got us all through it tantrum-free.  Wow, wow and more wow. 
Sarah C., Upper East Side
Get in-home service for head lice removal treaetment in Manhattan New York City NYCThe checker at camp said my kids were clear, but some kids had head lice after sleepover week and the camp tried to hide the problem, said only nits had been found on a few kids and that nits aren't contagious.  I started looking every day
the best I could figure how. When I found some I called Paula because my friend from the same camp was thrilled with her service.  Plus, I needed a house call badly, couldn't drag my three kids to some office or salon to sit for hours. She was absolutely courteous, patient, knowledgeable, and best of all, my kids liked her.  I guess someone's gotta do this job and I'm glad it's her.  If you have kids, keep the number handy.
Eve W., Chelsea
Thank you for helping us through a very stressful time.  I was able to get all the laundry and vacuuming done while you treated the rest of my family.  You did a great job distracting me from my near hysteria, and getting everyone else checked was the best thing that could've happened.  Never would've thought my high-schooler had it too!
Ellen M., West Village
Somehow we'd gotten through our older son's grade school years without any lice.  Not so lucky with our younger son.  I'd heard these gross stories of families who could never get rid of it, passing it back and forth like they learned to live with it.  My wife was convinced this would be us, except for the just living with it part.  But Lice Out New York cleaned it all out for us in just a few hours.
Marcus B., Murray Hill
I was about to steam-clean my entire apartment, but my husband told me to chill and speak to a professional first.  I had to be talked off the ledge when my neighbor told me I'd have to shave my dog. Paula told me me to nix the steaming and the shaving, not necessary.  She worked on us for hours until it was all combed out. The school nurse was impressed because my daughter's hair is so long and thick.
Julie S., Tribecca
I didn't want her to go to that sleepover party.  Well maybe I'm psychic because that has to be where she picked up the lice, nobody at least that I know of had it.  Number one tip in my book from Lice Out New York -- always send sleeping bags and pillows!!!  We'll be smarter from now on.  We're happy customers.
Cathy P., Midtown West
I knew people who tried everything to get rid of lice.  Some common stuff, some just disgusting. Drugstore shampoos, tea tree oil, sleeping in mayo and olive oil. Can't say too many had success, most ended up needing professional help anyway and I didn't want to take chances.  We found Paula to be easy-going, friendly, and super good with the kids.  I could tell right away that she's a mom too even before she said it. 
Anne T., Midtown West
Treat head lice with all-natural service, house calls in NYC Manhattan.LiceOutNewYork is the bomb!  I didn't want to go back to one of those giant companies I'd used before.  Too expensive and didn't even do a good job. 
A-plus for Paula, cool lady.  Will recommend and make sure the school knows she's out there. 
Bill K., West Village
We hated getting it!  Parsites feeding on our heads?  Really?  Life's too complicated without this.  Lice Out New York is the best.  I heard stories about other places, mixed results and lots of bucks.  Happy with the flat fees and the house call's a life saver. 
Susan G., Tribecca

Serving Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Tribeca, Midtown West, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Lower East Side, Chinatown, Soho, Washington Heights, Inwood.
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