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Lice ends once and for all with appointments, checks and treatments for the whole family. Treatment and great service in Manhattan, New YorkServing your neighborhood, anywhere in Manhattan. Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Tribeca, Midtown West, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Lower East Side Clinton, Chinatown, Soho, Washington Heights, Inwood

The Life Cycle Of A Louse
nits, nymphs, adult louse, recognizing lice, what lice look like, rid of lice, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown, Chelsea, Soho, Greenwich Village, West Village, check for lice, head lice removal, home, what nits look like, Manhattan NYC lice professional, lice treatment, lice professionalHead lice are parasites that only live on human scalps because they feed on human blood, creating bites on their hosts.  Their typical lifespan is about 30 days, but they can't live off the scalp for more than 48 hours.  Lice nits (eggs) survive for longer and can even hatch while off the scalp.  They may grow into nymphs (babies young adults), but if they don't have a scalp to sustain them, they won't mature to adulthood. A mature adult louse lays 3 to 10 nits per day which in turn hatch in 7 to 10 days.  It takes only another 7 to10 days for the nymphs to become mature, nit-laying adults.  It's easy to see how rapidly the head lice problem multiplies without effective, professional ASAP treatment by a lice removal specialist.
Recognizing The Problem
Lice nits are slightly smaller than a sesame seed, usually beige in color and oval to slightly pear-shaped. They attach very close to the scalp and adhere themselves to hair strands with a strong, gluey substance.  Check frequently yourself!  It's a good start in prevention.
Lice nymphs range in size as they mature from baby to adult, but they have the same general appearance as mature head lice.
Adult lice are about the size of a sesame seed, with females being slightly larger than males.  They have six legs that wrap around a hair shaft and are tan to grayish-white in color.  Sometimes they appear to be dark red after feeding.
Symptoms can be quite intense for some.  Severe itching, crawling sensations and red bumps and rashes behind the ears and on the neck may occur.  If these bumps are scratched excessively, they may become small sores.  Unfortunately, some people have no at all until lice infestation becomes quite severe.  Early lice treatment is crucial to beat it.
Lice removal treatment in Manhattan, New York. Safe, follow up, flat fee, tamer of lice, rid of lice, end of lice, pesticide-free, house calls, flat fees.Because rashes and bumps are seen at the base of the neck, it's somewhat of a myth that head lice congregate there.  Lice are not particular.  They are equal opportunity pests that like the crown of the head as well as anywhere else and they move quite quickly to keep themselves concealed.  And when you check, remember that dandruff and lint will flick off pretty easily while nits are pretty firmly glued to the hair shaft. When in doubt of infestation, err on the side of caution and act quickly to end your lice problem, and get rid of every nit before infestation starts all over again.

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